For orders of a dozen or more muffins.


I ate a Power Muffin every morning for
1 week and I lost weight! READ MORE>


Whey & Casein Protein: Builds Muscle
Whole Wheat:
Complex Carbohydrates
Flax Seeds:
Lignans, Vitamins & Minerals
Walnut Oil:
Omega 3-ALA for Heart Health
Oat Bran:
Fiber to Supress Appetite
Wheat Bran:
Nature's Broom


Muffins Freeze Well & Reheat Even Better
Quick Morning Fuel for the Body & Brain
Great Pre or Post Work Out
Six Gluten Free Variations

All Natural Ingredients
Compostable Packaging

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I ate a Power Muffin every morning for 1 week and I lost weight! I did not start snacking on unhealthy foods mid morning because the muffin kept me feeling full and satisfied all the way until lunch. Bob, San Diego, CA

I love having a stash of Power Muffins in my freezer. I grab a Power Muffin on my way out the door. They reheat in the microwave great. They are moist and satisfy my morning craving for something sweet even though they are packed with protein and fiber. Drew, San Diego, CA

Not only did my tastebuds love your muffins, my body loved your muffins! They are tasty AND healthy. Activia yogurt has NOTHING on your muffins...I have never been so regular! (tee hee). You are simply the best cook, and so clever to be able to make something taste so good and yet be so good for you! Thank you! Judy, Palm Desert, CA  

Maris Muffins are seriously the best muffins I have ever had. Being gluten free I do not usually get to enjoy the typical muffin so these are a perfect solution. Unlike other store bought muffins Maris are hearty, healthy and make you feel GOOD. I absolutely love these tasty treats! Sara, Santa Barbara, CA

Loved your muffins when I tried them at the LO Farmers Market. I am ordering some to send to my vegetarian daughter who is away at college. Just the protein boost she needs! Christine, Lake Oswego, OR

Mari's Muffins are in one word amazing. As someone who works in the healthcare industry I know how important it is to eat breakfast. When I am running late in the morning a Mari's Muffin takes the guess work out of "what I am going to eat for breakfast"? One of these muffins gives my body the boost it needs to get me through the morning and the energy to fuel my day. Erika, Portland, OR

These are the BEST muffins! And one keeps me feeling full all morning long. Jennifer, Portland, OR

These muffins are AMAZING! Hayley, Bend, OR

Best muffins ever! So, so tasty and a great source of protein and fiber plus Omega 3's too! Cheryl, Portland, OR

Had a Mari's Muffin this AM!!!!! Wow, I feel like I can take on the world! These muffins are magic! 

Mari's Muffins are the perfect breakfast. I love knowing that I'm getting a balanced meal without having to grocery shop, cook or prepare a single thing. And they're delicious. Thanks Mari! Devon, Portland, OR

These muffins are the perfect compliment to my morning coffee to start my day. Rick, Beaverton, OR

It is amazing how long these muffins keep you feeling full! Margo, Sacramento, CA

These muffins saved me during high school. Always running late to school, I would quickly grab a muffin on my way out for breakfast and it would last me throughout the morning. They were my fuel and protein needed to start the day out right! In addition to being delicious and filling, Mari has taken the extra steps toward creating the ultimate nutritional baked good. She spent years and many trials perfecting these recipes to ensure that her customers would be eating a healthy, yummy meal that also contains necessary nutrients, such as protein, calcium, and fiber. You will not be disappointed! Maddy, San Diego, CA